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They looked into the lens–and history.

The sunlight in the old photo looks as it does today on a spring or early autumn afternoon. The facade of the white clapboard school shines, and the shadows cling to the posed figures, the shade line close to where we would see it now, more than 130 years later. There is even a familiar … Continue reading

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The Steeplewright Stuff

Most of Bob Hanscom’s work is in the 18th or 19th century. He commutes to his job up a set of narrow winding stairs, or sometimes up a ladder. And occasionally he is hoisted by crane, as high as 130 feet in the air, while standing in a yellow metal cylinder that he designed for … Continue reading

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The magic of spring—and swing

It doesn’t matter whether the sun is out or there’s a light drizzle—by 7:20 a.m., you can usually find a dozen or more kids out on the town common in front of my elementary school. They’re choosing up sides for the first of several daily whiffle ball games. As players arrive by car they add … Continue reading