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Hintersexual Man

Metrosexuals move over, we’re coming out: the time has arrived for the hintersexual man. We hintersexuals may have been obscured by the media buzz over metrosexual males–men whose sophistication derives from an appreciation of the flashier trends of design, decor, and lotions. This makes them a ripe market for skin care products, designer shoes, and … Continue reading

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Plowing by Woods on a Snowy Evening

A Nor’easter has us in its talons—finally. The entire East Coast has been hammered, there is a record twenty-two inches of snow in New York’s Central Park, and this storm might just bury us too. It has taken until Sunday, February 12th for a proper winter storm to arrive here in Castine, Maine. The kids … Continue reading

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The Steeplewright Stuff

Most of Bob Hanscom’s work is in the 18th or 19th century. He commutes to his job up a set of narrow winding stairs, or sometimes up a ladder. And occasionally he is hoisted by crane, as high as 130 feet in the air, while standing in a yellow metal cylinder that he designed for … Continue reading

Local Characters

The Vizier of Native Brook Trout

Ed is the Vizier of Brook Trout in our small town in Maine. And now that the water level is high with the spring run off, the beaver dam flowage swollen; the brooks running in spate as the ice in the lakes dissipates; the water temperature inching upward with every sunny day, it is time … Continue reading

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Free-range bowling

  It all started on my weekly trip to the town transfer station, formerly known as the dump. There, languishing by the caretaker’s shed, were two perfectly good full-size bowling balls. One was a shiny black, and the other had a red-and-black swirl like 1930s linoleum. Since I cannot resist the allure of a useful … Continue reading

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The Principal Shepherd

  The day Mr. West took his sixth graders on a field trip to the mud flats, I learned how to herd sheep. The two events are related. It had never been a part of my school principal duties until Mrs. Hutchins called. Seven sheep were in her garden. Would I come and get them? … Continue reading