About Todd R. Nelson

Our house off-neck.

These musings happen quite by accident.

Sometimes, I just decide to “take a line out for a walk,” as Paul Klee says about his drawing process. My lines, though, were words and they attempted to draw the figures and textures of life in Castine, Maine.

Here are friends and neighbors, the land and its denizens, my own meanderings down the trails of memory and particular places and moments–the knoll out back of our cabin, the coves and the interstices of land and water, the spontaneous appearing of bear, foxes, owls and the inspiration of the natural world. Maine is a state of mind. I still live there, most of the time.



3 thoughts on “About Todd R. Nelson

  1. Hey, Todd. Was just enjoying your syrup post. Remember when Bill got Jocelyn to tap all the trees in Weston. In any case, wanted to say hi and that I live in New York and Seal Cove. So nice to know you are in Castine

    • Howdy! Actually, after 12 years in Castine, I’m now in Philadelphia, the head of school at The School in Rose Valley. But in my imagination, I’m never far from Maine…. Reversingfalls.me is my blog space for lots of Maine reflections…NYC! My daughter (Ariel, 25) is interviewing for a job there next week. My sister lives there too. Thanks for dropping a line.

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